NISSAN NAVARA NP300 Heavy Duty Suspension Upgrade Kit

Heavy Duty Suspension kit to give your Navara NP300 improved handling when towing.

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Nissan Navara Heavy Duty Load & Towing Kit.

Are you Using your Nissan Navara NP300 for carrying heavy loads and / or towing? Are you finding the standard suspension struggling to cope?

Then the Pedders Suspension kits from Storm Xccessories have the solution for you.

If the vehicle is regularly laden or you often tow heavy weights, then this kit is the obvious option. This consists of 2 springs and 2 shocks. The spring is approx 35mm raised. The springs are also progressive, so they still retain good ride comfort unladen , though a little firmer than standard, but as you add weight to the rear of the vehicle, they stiffen up. They are raised so as to ensure the vehicle is slightly “nose down” unladen and nearer level laden, rather than “tail down” that a good load on Nissan’s standard suspension produces.

The kit includes a pair of our Pedders Foam Cell shocks . These allow the loads carried to be controlled thus eliminating the “wallowy” fee on the standard suspension when loaded

Fitment of all this kit is straight forward. No wheel alignment will be necessary after fitting.

Still not sure this is the correct kit for you? Have further questions? Then please do get in touch with one of our team here at Pedders who will be able to assist you.

Vehicle Height Information

Front: N/A

Rear: Approx 30-35mm higher than standard.

Contents of Kit:

Pedders Foam Cell Rear Shocks x 2

Pedders Heavy Duty Rear Spring x 2


Nissan Navara accessories


Additional information

Weight 1 g


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